“Yours Eyes are our responsibility”
Medics Healthcare provides specialized Eye care treatment with effective and proven treatment methods .Our Ophthalmology service offers expert care and advice for patients with a wide range of eye conditions including:

  •  Visual problems
  •  Glasses correction
  •  Painful and red eye
  • Allergic conditions and infections
  • Trauma
  • Lasik correction for myopia with latest technologies
  • Correction of keratoconus with latest C3R phototherapy
  • Correction of high cylindrical and spherical powers with ICL techniques
  • Cataracts with latest techniques phaco emulsification and femtosecond
  • Squint problems
  • Neurological Eye problems

We are equipped with all latest technologies, enabling the most specialized ophthalmic services. We at Medics Healthcare pledge to provide highest quality of care and vision.